Here's what Hotwire thinks the future holds? - More spontaneous, shorter trips - As the pace of life continues to speed up, more and more people are choosing shorter, last-minute weekend trips vs. planning long elaborate getaways. Nearly three-quarters of Hotwire customers' hotel bookings are within a week of departure and more than 90 percent for the last 12 months are for four days or less. Travelers will continue to redefine what "vacation" means, and Hotwire will continue to evolve to help people enrich their lives through travel. - Continued shift towards digital - Mobile is going to be the dominant booking device by far, and we'll continue to see innovation in wearables and other new gizmos. We already see that more travelers are booking on mobile, and that trend will continue to grow. Mobile apps and browsers enable instantaneous travel plans from anywhere, at any time. - More Millennials - As the Millennial generation continues to evolve, make more money, start having families etc., we'll see them travel even more. And this is a generation that loves to share their experiences with others, which will just continue to enrich the information that is available and out there for travelers. Get the full story at The Huffington Post