How did anyone get anywhere before the Internet?

Summer is here and travelers are taking off for destinations across the country and around the world. According to the "2006 Summer Travel" Consumer Preference Index (CPI) poll from Prospectiv, an amazing 83% of them used the Internet to research or book summer travel.

Prospectiv's CPI found that this summer almost a third of online consumers are booking travel arrangements through online travel sites, slightly over one fifth are making reservations at a hotel or destination's website and nearly another third go online to research travel options, but do not book online.

In addition, the CPI poll revealed that consumers want even more online travel content, with 88% of them saying they would like even more information specific to their travel interests from online websites and e-mails.

"The CPI findings show that the Internet is an ideal way to reach consumers with branding messages, special offers, discounts and other summer travel promotions," said Jere Doyle, Prospectiv CEO. "Travel and tourism marketers who expand their visibility online will be at a definite advantage as travel-specific e-newsletters and targeted discounts continue to grab the attention of an increasing number of consumers."

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