The digital revolution has made it increasingly difficult for a brand to maintain control of its online reputation. From talk on social media to articles on other websites and mentions via search engines, it seems like everyone has an opinion about brands and an abundance of online channels to share these views. While positive posts can have a great effect on brand image and sales, negative talk can cause serious harm that could damage a brand for the long-term. This is why it’s essential for a brand to constantly monitor its Internet image and do everything possible to ensure a strong online reputation, from keeping customers happy to continually engaging with the social media community and constantly updating content. MDG Advertising has developed a fact-packed infographic that offers advice for building a better online reputation. It features specifics on the state of online reputation management (ORM), along with both savvy and sorry ways that brands have handled their digital reputations. It also offers tactics and tips for getting started and managing mistakes. After all, how a company manages an online slip-up can make a world of difference in how the online world sees and speaks about the brand. The infographic illustrates the need for ongoing online reputation management, revealing that 92% of consumers trust brand recommendations from friends and family, while 70% value online opinions from other consumers. It shows that more than half of consumers on social media have used a social channel for brand research, including 70% who like to hear about a customer’s experience with the brand, and around 50% who either compliment or criticize the brand to the social media world. It also discloses that more than half of brands feel unprepared or unsure of whether they could handle an online image crisis. Get the full story at MDG Advertising