Dynamic Content Personalization allows hotel marketers to deliver unique and highly relevant textual, visual, and promotional content to site visitors based on a variety of factors including geographic location, website behavior, past booking history, customer segment, reward program affiliation, and more. By personalizing content to better engage and resonate with website visitors, hotel marketers can retain existing and capture new customers, boost direct online bookings and ultimately shift market share away from the OTAs. Attendees will learn how to: - Recognize and reward specific customer segments by displaying personalized and relevant content that speaks to their preferences and expectations - Differentiate their resort or hotel from the competition and the OTA channel - Deliver higher levels of consumer satisfaction from the direct hotel website experience - Significantly increase website conversions and revenues “Recognizing and rewarding important customer segments by displaying relevant content that speaks directly to them has a powerful impact on a hotel website’s conversion rates,” said Mariana Safer, Senior Vice President, Marketing at HeBS Digital. “By personalizing the website experience, hoteliers can better meet the needs of their website visitors with more relevant content while boosting conversion and maximizing online revenues. This strategy offers new opportunities and an incredible competitive advantage to hoteliers who are early to adapt.” Join HeBS Digital and eCornell for our webinar, “Dynamic Content Personalization: Hoteliers’ Powerful New Tool to Maximizing Website Revenue and Conversions,“ on Wednesday March 4 at 1:00PM EST. To learn more about Dynamic Content Personalization, download the HeBS Digital white paper, How Dynamic Content Personalization Maximizes Website Revenues and Increases Customer Loyalty.