DRM allows real-time hotel inventory availability and pricing to be featured in various marketing initiatives such as meta search, banner advertising, retargeting, Google Adwords, and email marketing. As an industry thought-leader, HeBS Digital has outlined DRM's industry-wide implications, best practices and case studies in its groundbreaking article "Dynamic Rate Marketing – Hotelier's Powerful New Weapon to Shift Share from the OTAs." Dynamic Rate Marketing dramatically increases campaign effectiveness, boosts conversion rates, and increases direct online bookings. DRM offers a multitude of benefits for both the travel consumer and hotelier. By combining online advertising and marketing campaigns with real-time hotel inventory availability and pricing, hoteliers can satisfy travelers' demands for instant and truthful hotel pricing information, as well as respond in real-time to changing market conditions and comp set behavior. "We couldn't be more excited to be on the forefront of this hotel digital marketing technology which allows hoteliers to better meet the needs of today's hyper-connected traveler. Through HeBS Digital's proprietary "DRMcloud" enabling technology, hotels, resorts, and casinos can now seamlessly integrate real time availability and pricing on the top travel ad networks that utilize in-market travel intent targeting and retargeting," said Max Starkov, President & CEO of HeBS Digital. "The results so far have been outstanding, with clients enjoying returns as high as 25 to 1." Even with such complex technology behind it, Dynamic Rate Marketing is surprisingly cost-effective, quick, and easy for hoteliers to implement today. Visit the HeBS Digital website to learn more about Dynamic Rate Marketing and get started today. Related Link: HeBS Digital