Properties set up a monthly ad budget of as low as $250 per month and pay a click fee (CPC) for any direct lead. The bids vary from as low as $.20 to as high as $5 based on the competition in the hotel’s destination. To date, we have observed an average CPC of $1-$2. Once an advertiser is selected from the drop-down pricing menu, the user is directed to the hotel’s booking engine/CRS to complete the booking. HeBS Digital’s marketing team uses the proprietary CPC Gateway to manage the property’s daily and monthly budget and to optimize the property bids and campaigns in real-time. Each pricing ad menu contains four spots organized by rate, lowest to highest. As long as two advertisers are offering the same price, bidding can increase their position. However, a lower price would typically be displayed above a higher rate, providing additional incentive for hotels to always operate in strict rate parity with the OTAs. For example, if two advertisers have the same rate of $100/night, their position will be determined by the higher bid. If one advertiser is offering a rate of $90/night and the other is offering $100/night, the advertiser offering $90 will be listed above the other advertiser. Get the full story at HeBS Digital