HeBS Digital announces the ‘Your Key to Success in 2016’ Promotion, inviting hotel marketers to start the year with more direct bookings and $10,000 more to spend on digital technology and marketing. With the purchase of a website design package, HeBS Digital will devise a customized digital action plan for 2016, empower you to speak directly to your website visitor with a complimentary Dynamic Content Personalization module, and keep you ahead of the curve with a trip to NYC for the 4th Annual Google “Traveler’s Mindset” Conference. HeBS Digital’s ‘Your Key to Success in 2016’ Promotion Includes: - Action Plan for 2016 - Complimentary Dynamic Content Personalization Module - Complimentary Attendance at the 4th Annual Google Conference in NYC “Traveler’s Mindset Conference” 2016 - Includes air fare, hotel, and conference entrance fee Get the full story at HeBS Digital