The company’s technology line, created in-house to fit the needs of top-tier major hotel brands, luxury and boutique hotel brands, resorts and casinos, hotel management companies, franchisees and independents includes: - smartCMS: A three-time American Business Award winner, the smartCMS (Content Management System) was created to empower hoteliers to seamlessly manage their website presence on the three screens via a single dashboard, engage users like never before, and maximize revenues from the direct online channel. The smartCMS offers complete control over website content (visual, textual, promotional), dynamic content personalization, one-to-one-marketing and unparalleled merchandising capabilities. - Dynamic Rate Marketing Gateway: Proprietary “DRM Gateway” technology seamlessly integrates real time availability and pricing in various marketing initiatives: From meta search to banner advertising, retargeting and Google Adwords to email marketing. - Reservation Recovery Applications Suite: Approximately 1/3 of website visitors initiate a room booking and only 5% of those complete the booking. HeBS Digital’s suite of Reservation Recovery products help hoteliers recover abandoned bookings and increase the conversion rate on their website by over 55%. - Interactive Marketing Applications: The perfect home base for multichannel marketing campaigns, generating buzz, increasing traffic to the site, encouraging repeat visits, and ultimately increasing bookings overall. These applications also allow hoteliers to create a database and opt-in email list of highly engaged customers to use for later marketing initiatives as well as engage users via social media. “HeBS Digital invites hoteliers to visit our hospitality digital technology experts at HITEC to discuss the latest technology innovations in our industry” said Max Starkov, HeBS Digital President & CEO. “As a company with a consistent forward-thinking digital technology practice, we are enthusiastic about demonstrating how our cutting-edge website and digital marketing innovations such as dynamic content personalization, dynamic rate marketing and digital merchandising applications dramatically increase the property website direct online revenues.” HeBS Digital invites HITEC 2015 attendees to visit booth #128. To book an appointment with HeBS Digital at HITEC 2015, or to learn more about the firm’s full-service hotel digital marketing, technology, website design and direct online channel consulting services, please email or call 212-782-3315. Related Link: HeBS Digital