Max Starkov, President & CEO of HeBS Digital, will speak during one of the opening keynote sessions titled: “Real-time Data Vs Big Data: Effectively Utilize the Most Valuable Data at Your Disposal to Get Closer to Your Customer and Drive Higher Revenues.” The session will cover topics such as: - Dynamic personalization: using demographics and past guest behavior to customize website promotions and content in real time - Maximizing revenue and increase conversions by targeting key customer segments (transient business, leisure travelers, meeting and group planners, etc.) based on their previous buying behavior, geo and demographic data with highly relevant offers - Exploring how to engage potential guests with one-to-one marketing and pricing, de-commoditize your hotel inventory and sell on value as opposed to sell on price - Understanding the importance of aligning all functions of your organization to optimally use real-time data and predictive analytics Get the full story at HeBS Digitial