The HEBStrategy Q3 edition assesses the climate of the hospitality industry, explores creative approaches to brand loyalty and guest recognition programs, and highlights key findings hoteliers should be mindful of in auditing their hotel digital marketing strategies. Download the HEBStrategy Q3 2017 whitepaper to learn about: - What’s Trending in Hospitality: Stay up-to-date on what will affect hoteliers over the next few months, including Airbnb’s move into the business travel segment and what to be aware of considering the rise of widgets available to place on the hotel website. - Business Need Spotlight: Address key business needs like a revenue-driving guest loyalty program through strategic and cost-effective digital marketing. - Industry Insights You May Have Missed: Catch up on the highlights and takeaways from Q2 by looking through our recent articles, blog posts, and press releases. Download the whitepaper at HEBS Digital