“There are differences in how a guest interacts on a mobile device than a desktop computer,” said Donnie Schumann, HEDNA mobile working group chair and HotelTonight Sr. strategic partnership manager. “While most desktop channels measure engagement by how long a guest stays on their site, with the goal being to make it longer, mobile online distribution should get the guest through the transaction funnel as quickly and efficiently as possible.” Schumann recently presented HEDNA’s white paper on the subject, “Mobility, Distribution and Customer Friction,” at the organization’s annual conference in Dublin. The HEDNA Mobile Working Group, which was created last year when Schumann came on board, explores mobile technology’s value and helps solve barriers to mobile entry in the hospitality industry. The group evaluates mobile’s role in customer acquisition and forecasting as well as how mobile can lead to a better understanding of the guest. Get the full story at Hotel Interactive and download the white paper at HEDNA (PDF 1.4 MB)