Upscale represents the largest of the six segments, with 36 brands ranked. The average Global Review Index™ (GRI) in the Upscale segment is 85.5%. At the top of the rankings is Grand America Hotels & Resorts with a GRI™ of 91.1%, followed by Disney Hotels at 90.8% and Stoney Creek Hotels at 90.7%. In a pattern seen in other segments, only two large brands, IHG’s Staybridge Suites, and Hyatt’s Hyatt House make the top-ten rankings. Upscale brands tend to be larger in size and less homogenous in terms of online reputation than brands in the upper upscale chain scale (see chart). Surprisingly, the top players in the upscale segment also outperform their upper upscale counterparts. On the one hand, in the upper upscale segment, only one brand manages to reach a GRI™ of over 90% while in the upscale segment six brands have a GRI™ of 90% or higher. On the other hand, only four upper upscale brands fall below the 84% threshold while 11 upscale brands have GRI™ scores between 84% and 77%. Get the full story at ReviewPro