Today's travelers have more research and booking options than ever. To search for a hotel, they will typically visit a variety of sites to compare rates, photos, reviews, availability, and other variables. At the same time, they want the ability to efficiently search and shop for hotels. They expect this information at their fingertips to help guide decision making and let them immediately book the hotel once their mind is made up, no matter which device they are using. While travelers are inundated with information and choices, hospitality companies, such as Hilton, need to stay relevant and represented in this expansive market. "Consumer expectations are only going to increase," says Geraldine Calpin, senior vice president and global head of digital, Hilton Worldwide. "Specifically with the explosion of the different devices, we've seen that our guests are looking for relevant content quickly when they visit us on our website, mobile site, or via our app." Get the full story at Think with Google