It is significant to assess what is critical from technology perspective when it comes to collecting data from consumers and at the same time making this procedure a pleasant experience for them.

Providing an insight into the same, Chuck Scoggins, VP Distribution, Pricing and CRM, Hilton Hotels Corporation told Ritesh Gupta, ?Accuracy is the number one thing. Technology can only do so much to ensure the accuracy of customer data so it is imperative the data is captured with accuracy.?

?Timing is also critical. In the hospitality space it is most important to collect the data at the time the reservation is made. If the data is captured at the hotel when the guest arrives it is too late to prepare for the guests arrival using past experiential data,? added Scoggins.

When it comes to data collection initiatives, what should form the basis of the objective - Should it be why the data is being collected, how will it support in growing brand and business or will guests see immediate value in sharing this insight? Or should it be all three?

?I think all three, but guests must see the value in their effort in providing us their data. Without them seeing this value, accuracy and completeness of the data comes into question. The best way to show them value is to use the data in meaningful ways that benefit them?like upgrades,? said Scoggins.

Technology is an important component of using data to deliver value-added customer experiences, no doubt. The real key, however, lies in delivering a consistently excellent customer experience at the individual property level. How can one ensure this?

?This can be summed up in two phases: ?train, train, train? and ?measure, measure, measure.? With the advent of more robust technology, it?s easy to forget that what we can consistently deliver on the front lines is what will ultimately determine our success. You have to continuously focus on whether you?re providing your line level team members with the right tools, and you have to rigorously measure the customer experience. The most important resource we have is our people, and making sure that they understand the ?why,? as well as the ?what,? of our efforts is crucial,? Adam Burke, SVP and Managing Director, Hilton Hhonors, had said.

Hilton?s Scoggins is scheduled to share more information about company?s improving relationship with customers via data, reliance on technology and much more during CRM Technology for Travel conference in Las Vegas on 9 and 10 October.

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