Franchises and chains pose unique challenges for marketing and customer care alike, and thus for social media community managers. Even with centralized reservation and CRM systems, social media inevitably becomes a major component of customer care. While an individual customer care or community manager can help broker a resolution for a customer, they are limited in what they can do - they can't just call over to the floor managers and say, "hop to!" Hilton Hotels has faced this challenge in a similar way to other brands: with a main corporate presence and a separate customer care account on Twitter that quickly takes issues offline. Where the brand has created a success story - something that goes beyond the quotidian - is with their social media version of a concierge service, @hiltonsuggests. Using social listening tools, the team is able to identify tweets that indicate a search for information in cities where the Hilton has hotels. Thus, someone might post a question like, "Where to go on a Saturday night in Manchester? HELP!!!" That query can then be channeled to an employee in that city who might answer (as one actually did to the above tweet), "would be happy to help, looking for clubs? cocktails? chilled out pubs? Will there be a few of you? #manchester." Get the full story at Social Media Today