GeoMarketing: You mentioned the difficulty of coordinating SEO practices in a franchise model. How do you manage search strategies — and online-to-offline marketing in general — from a national-to-local property perspective? How do you stay consistent? Governance is important in general: It’s just making sure that the brand itself has a key brand standard in place [at the corporate level.] I hate to say rules and regulations because nobody relishes that aspect, but there does need to be some level of that in place — just to make sure that everybody knows what they need to be doing, what they’re allowed to do from the top down. General SEO training and education is another big piece of it. But governance for sure is the big thing. What’s your top priority at Hilton right now when it comes to search? I would say structured data. Because, like I said, we know that when you have that in place with the rich snippets, your click-through rate is much higher. It’s a little bit challenging, but structured data is critically important, especially in today’s day and age. I [would also say] that map consistency is a quick win and an easy win - just making sure all of your locations are correct and consistent. Additionally, everybody has been talking about the HTTPS changeover, so that’s a big priority for us as well - and really anybody. The things like that are a little bit more challenging to execute around a site that has over 500,000 pages - versus somebody who just has 10 on a website. We’re working through those types of challenges behind the scenes, but I would say making sure you’ve got the SSL certificates in place is key. Get the full story at GEO Marketing