A total of nine signature Hilton Hotels & Resorts properties around the world – from Egypt and India to the Seychelles and Mexico – can be explored in the iAd via inspired visual imagery and interactive features including Twitter and e-mail integration and downloadable wallpaper. The interactive “Stay Hilton, Go Anywhere” iAd takes users in the US and UK on virtual vacations at Hilton properties around the world, including: Egypt’s Nile River, the canals of Venice and the white sands of Puerto Rico. A compass rose on the bottom of the screen points toward a country name accompanied by an image, with other destinations moving into view as the user moves their device or themselves to the left or right, making the iAd the first to use the built-in, three-axis gyroscope of iPhone and iPad as the core navigational element of the ad, stated the company. “We continue to leverage the latest technologies to share the Hilton story with today’s tech-savvy travellers,” said Dave Horton, global head, Hilton Hotels & Resorts. “This iAd reflects the entrepreneurial spirit of our brand as one that ventures beyond the norm to ensure it stays as relevant today as when it was first created.” Get the full story at EyeForTravel