The flight and hotel search company was cash flow positive when it started, but initiated some expansion plans — like hiring a revenue officer and rapidly expanding its team — and has grown like crazy since then. “If we wanted to be cash flow positive, it would be relatively straightforward to do it, we would just let organic growth continue to drive the growth that we want,” Hipmunk chief executive Adam Goldstein said. “Realistically, we want to grow even faster than that, so we’re putting off the cash flow positive strategy for another year or two.” The site, which orders the flights by a hodgepodge metric called “agony” that includes delays and connections, has saved more than 150,000 hours of “agony” since it launched a year ago. Part of Hipmunk’s charm is its streamlined interface — the site only requires a user to enter a general location and a few dates. Once browsers find a flight they like, they can jump to Orbitz to book the flight. “What’s particularly impressive about the mobile share is the mobile apps have only been around for a very short period of time compared to the rest of the site,” Goldstein said. “It’s managed to become a big chunk of our search and usage in such a short period of time.” Get the full story at Venture Beat