Hipmunk today announced that its users can now book their hotel stay directly with Hipmunk through its web and mobile applications. In addition, Hipmunk has updated its iOS and Android mobile apps to provide a unified platform for one-click booking, and announced a partnership with two industry-leading online travel agencies (OTAs) to provide users with more choices of where to book flights and hotels. "We founded Hipmunk because we wanted to provide travelers with more choices for booking their flights and hotels," said Adam Goldstein, Hipmunk CEO. "With our latest updates, we're allowing travelers to book with more partners, while also providing a one-stop booking destination for hotels if they prefer a more streamlined experience." Hipmunk now enables travelers to purchase hotels directly, without leaving the site. In a hotel search, when a traveler clicks on a hotel for more details, a "Book on Hipmunk" button for certain hotels will be displayed. Additionally, users can save their billing information to a secure Hipmunk account, which will be synched across desktop and mobile devices for easy on-the-go booking. Existing options to book flights and hotels with users' preferred airline, hotel or OTA will remain. Hipmunk also released updates to both its iOS and Android mobile applications, which are more popular than ever. The company found that 30 percent of its total searches are performed on mobile devices by travelers booking hotel stays. Additionally, 25 percent of Hipmunk's hotel bookings are made through the mobile app, and the company expects hotel bookings to increase through the new direct booking capabilities. "Mobile searches comprise an increasing number of our total volume of searches, and instant booking will cater directly to those users," Goldstein said. "The Hipmunk app is now a seamless, one-stop purchase destination that will alleviate the hassle of typing billing information on a small, mobile phone keyboard." Other updates to the mobile applications include: - "Verified by Hipmunk" details each hotel property's WiFi, parking rates and any additional charges such as resort fees; - Users can create a Hipmunk account, which saves a user's upcoming hotel bookings across web and mobile in the "My Bookings" section; - Improved map functionality provides a less cluttered and more efficient experience. Related Link: Hipmunk