Bain & Co's “Altagamma 2015 Worldwide Markets Monitor” examines growth rates in 10 different sectors – cruises, yachts, food, private jets, design, wine and spirits, hospitality, automobiles and personal goods – and identifies key trends and market changes. Among the key trends is the continued growth of the Chinese consumer, who makes up 31 percent of purchases compared to 24 percent by Americans and 18 percent by Europeans, and her tendency to buy abroad. The devaluation of the euro and the yen has made their regions desirable shopping grounds for travelers. Southeast Asia and South Korea both experienced modest growth, but the Middle East contracted due to lower traffic from Russia. On the flip-side, Chinese tourists helped Australia grow, and Africa is continuing to expand, although political instability will prevent it from exploding the way Asia did. Get the full story at Luxury Daily and download the report at Bain & Co. (PDF 3.5 MB)