Television sets in hotel bathrooms aren't unusual fixtures. But now you can watch a TV that's embedded in the bathroom mirror.

Rooms and suites at The Charles Hotel in Cambridge, Mass., have just been equipped with the cutting-edge "TV in the mirror" technology. Point the remote at the mirror, and you can catch up on the news or a favorite show while shaving or brushing your teeth.

The TVs, from a company called Séura, work with a specially-designed mirror. When the TV is turned on, the picture appears in the mirror; it vanishes when turned off. All 337 rooms and suites at The Charles, a stone's throw from Harvard Square, are equipped with the TVs; rates start at $299.

TVs in the mirror also are offered at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, in the hotel's two-story Skylofts and new 700-room West Wing.

Skylofts are luxury suites loaded with high-tech gizmos. They can be booked for $600 at off-peak times, but generally cost much more.

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