A new report by social media marketing agency Conversocial shows that many of the analyzed hotel brands are still in the infancy stages of their social customer service journey. With a well thought-out and developed strategy, they can make the changes that are needed. The analysis demonstrates that the majority of hotel brands use social media primarily for marketing. This is evidenced by the slow average response times by many brands and generally low responsiveness on Twitter. By understanding the importance of social customer service, and how it can coexist with marketing, brands will see more positive results. A company that has the ability to quickly identify and differentiate marketing chatter from complaints will be able to separate the signal from the noise, thus protecting marketing value. Therefore, having a team responsible for social marketing—and a distinct team dedicated to customer care - will result in a more efficient scaling of social customer service internally. In addition to resolving customer support related issues, it is also critical to listen and engage with new prospective customers who may need guidance on their buying decision. Brands can create new business revenue by simply monitoring social outlets for questions and mentions about their service offerings. Download the full report at Hospitality.Net (PDF 303 KB) Read also "How well do 5 leading hotels provide social customer service?" at Conversocial