Business Intelligence (BI) is, in brief, the process of using technology to collect and transform data (often from many different sources) into reporting and analytics that yield actionable insights. When we apply BI in the context of hotel sales, marketing and revenue management, there are a number of different areas in which we can gain more clarity. One such area - which is timely to consider given the upcoming RFP season - is assessing the performance of our corporate negotiated accounts. Typically, most hotels and hotel companies have little to go on here beyond a seasonal analysis of the historical production of roomnights and revenue of each account. I will offer here some suggestions beyond this base-level analysis for gaining insight into the true value of an account for your hotel or organization. In each instance, business intelligence facilitates discovery - either by providing the number-crunching horsepower required for data-intensive calculations, or by seamlessly aggregating data from multiple disparate sources. This being said, here are some suggestions for applying hotel business intelligence to the process of assessing account performance. Note that while I've referenced the upcoming corporate RFP season, these points are also valid for analyzing the value of other accounts, such as wholesale partners or OTAs. Get the full story at Hospitality.Net