Hilton, in many ways, has had the loudest voice when it comes to promoting direct bookings, thanks, in large part, to its massive “Stop Clicking Around” campaign. CEO Christopher Nassetta said that in 2016, Hilton added 9 million more members to its Hilton Honors program, which now has more than 60 million members in total. Loyalty members also drove 56 percent of the company’s system-wide occupancy, which was 400 basis points higher than in 2015. Web-direct and mobile bookings were also up by 200 basis points over 2015, and in the fourth quarter, nearly 30 percent of all bookings were web-direct. “So we’re about a year, not quite a year from the anniversary, from the beginning of that [Stop Clicking Around] campaign,” Nassetta said. ” … I think most important statistic is over 200 basis points in channel shift, I would say, leading to our direct low-cost online channels either web-direct or mobile. That suggests to me, well, this is early days and while the Stop Clicking Around campaign is done, you’re going to see us to do all sorts of other things, including what you just saw with Honors, to continue to build direct relationships. I would say, it’s been quite successful.” Nassetta also said that while not every single hotel owner has been pleased with the member rates, the majority of them are happy with the fact that they are seeing shift in where and how people are booking their rooms. Get the full story at Skift