Steve Joyce, CEO, Choice Hotels International “It spurs more consolidation. There’s nothing new here—you’ve got an oligopoly; there are no sellers, there are only buyers. When anybody comes up (for sale), everybody’s going to look at it. You saw the list—I won’t tell you what letter we were. We look at everybody that comes up—obviously that would have been an interesting exercise for us because we think that we should have been in control even though they’re five or six times larger than us. There’s not going to be another big one like that, but I think there’s going to be other opportunities with other companies.” David Kong, President and CEO, Best Western Hotels & Resorts “The Starwood/Marriott merger pointed something out that if it wasn’t obvious in the past, it should be now—there’s a tremendous advantage to scale. That’s our competition and we have to pay attention to that. It provides tremendous leverage with (online travel agencies). If a brand or hotel doesn’t have scale, it’s going to end up on the short end in distribution. I expect this (acquisition) activity to continue.” Get the full story at Hotel News Now