We're used to it at airports. We're resigned to it at grocery stores. Now self-service check-in kiosks in hotel lobbies are multiplying faster than bunnies in springtime.
Major chains such as Hyatt, Hilton, Marriott, Sheraton and Fairmont are installing kiosks that allow busy customers to check themselves in and get a key -- without ever talking to a human being.

A person who checks in at a kiosk can speed the process by 48%, according to kiosk maker NCR Corp. and Hospitality Technology research. No wasted time chit-chatting with the all-too-human desk clerk. No waiting in line behind the couple from Cleveland with six kids and an upgrade demand.

Embassy Suites in Detroit has a kiosk. It's used mostly by travelers used to technology. In 18 months, it hasn't reduced front desk staffing. "Most people, if they see the kiosk and see a body at the front counter will still go to the body," says general manager Ben Joos.

That's backed up by a Forrester Research study of San Francisco published in Fast Company magazine in July. The study found seven of 10 guests would rather interact with a person at check-in

But that's what people said about airlines and grocery stores. Nearly 80% of people use electronic check-in at airports; 47% do in groceries.

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