Formed in 2003 as a consulting company, Hotel Sourcing this year developed the Hotel Sourcing Alliance to help buyers and sellers "properly assess the potential value and risks" of working together. Hotels would pay $450 annually while corporations would be charged $750 for membership in a program that measures various data to produce a rank or score.

"Think of the hotel score the same way you think of your credit score," according to company information. "For corporations, it is the standard method to show their hotel program behavior in order to show credibility and further negotiate improved hotel rates. For hotels, it is the standard mechanism to assess the 'risk' behind a potential extended discount decision. The hotel score enables both the corporation and the hotel, as responsible partners of the alliance, to focus [on] the development of their relationship rather than on trying to figure out if the decision was justifiable or not."

The corporate scorecard factors in hotel program management acumen and geographical demand to indicate for hotels "what discounts will work better to capture, retain or increment your financial returns." Participating corporations would be able to identify opportunities to improve the performance of their lodging programs and identify the "perceived value generated by ... hotel suppliers in terms of the rate extended by the hotel."

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