Hotel Compete's Rate Trends Tracker (RTT) report gives hoteliers a view of the world as potential bookers see it. The view contains rate-shopping activity from thirty different sources of rate information that Hotel Compete currently shops; however, the number of sites grows everyday. This information allows hoteliers to easily identify situations where rate parity issues exist between brand sites and online travel agents. All information is collected from the same Internet channels accessed by millions of online bookers, the sources include: brand sites, online travel agents and GDS sources. The Rate Trends Tracker processes the rate rules and summarizes them in to a view of either fenced or unfenced rates for over 60,300 hotels across the United States, Canada, and Mexico in their database. However, Version 5 of the Rate Trends Tracker, no longer requires hoteliers to pick between fenced and unfenced rates; rather, Hotel Compete provides both types of rates for all hotels in the compsets. With this new feature, Hotel Compete makes it easier to view all rates at once. Rate Trends Tracker v5 maintains an easy to use format with multiple views that alert the user of changes in competitor's rates, depict detailed lists of all hotels in both the User Defined and Hotel Compete Compsets, and daily rate comparisons reports. Every day, Hotel Compete's RTT v5 provides a glimpse of a hotel's rate position for the next 90 days. The report updates four to five times daily with new data, as it is collected, keeping the compset up to date. RTT v5 contains other user-dominated features such as the ability to choose the length of stay (one or two nights), view of 30/60/90 days in the future for rates, and ability for the user to refresh the rates at their leisure. A major change in user format allows for hoteliers to determine their own ranking of hotels in the User Defined Compset, rather than the normalized alphabetical order. The new user-friendly format allows for easier support and faster rate reading for hoteliers. Hotel Compete processes more than fifteen million rates every single day. By changing the Rate Trends Tracker into a user-friendlier version, the RTT v5 permits the hotelier to navigate those rates to their tailored needs, faster and easier. Related Link: Hotel Compete