Chris Zoladz, founder of Navigate LLC, an information protection and privacy consultancy, suggests POS systems are the larger target, and those exist well beyond the hospitality industry. According to Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, a nonprofit group that keeps a chronology of all manner of data breaches disclosed to the public through company releases and media reports, there were 111 breaches related to hacking or malware on POS systems during 2015. Of that total, only seven of the breached entities were hotel companies. Others on that 2015 list included Sabre, United Airlines, American Airlines, Uber, Starbucks and Chick-fil-A. "POS systems are often the weak link in the chain and the choice of malware," said Mark Bower, HPE Security global director of product management for enterprise data security. "They should be isolated from other networks but often are connected. A check-out terminal in constant use is usually less frequently patched and updated and is thus vulnerable to all manner of malware compromising the system to gain access to cardholder data." Get the full story at Business Travel News