Mega online travel agencies are a costly distribution channel for hoteliers, not to mention a business siphon for traditional travel agents. About this there is little disagreement. But as new disrupters are poised to upend travel distribution once again, the future of OTAs in hotel distribution is a matter of less agreement. Some industry experts don't see much change in hotel distribution in the near future. Others see big battles coming - battles that will affect OTAs. Bonnie Buckhiester, president of Buckhiester Management, sees OTAs becoming the “little guys” as even bigger forces emerge. "When you think about those companies getting involved, it will be hard to compete. If those giants enter travel in a serious way, their presence will be overwhelming.” Buckhiester said of giants like Google and Amazon. And then there is TripAdvisor, which alone has 200 million unique visitors a month and more than 100 million reviews. They have a very strong consumer franchise with almost nine of 10 travelers saying that a review on TripAdvisor helps them feel more confident. Get the full story at Travel Market Report Read also "Hotels value agents, but OTAs rule"