You should leverage and maximize every advantage you have to score robust profits in 2016. Getting and staying ahead of the game requires dedicating time to specific activities EVERY DAY. That’s right, every day. We know you’re busy. We know your to-do is miles long. That’s why we put together our annual Tambourine DOSM Checklist for 2016 to make it easy to reap the biggest profits little by little, day by day. 1. Catch up on the Metrics Most Important to Your Owner Don’t wait until your year slows down to catch up on your vital numbers or else you’ll be scrambling frantically to catch up. Every day, check up on your metrics such as RevPar Index vs. your compset, MCPB (marketing cost per booking), website conversion rate and DRR (direct revenue ratio). These key performance indicators are what will matter to your owner and asset managers when it comes to reviewing how your efforts are contributing to your hotel’s revenue. Get the full story at Tambourine