There’s a lot of advice on the web about how to write a good email, from general writing advice to full sets of pre-written email templates. But almost none of that advice shows the data behind it. Boomerang, a Gmail app that adds scheduled sending and email reminders, did some research to find out what factors really matter when you want users to respond to your emails. Please note that not all of the emails involved were marketing emails. Some of them were sales emails and internal communications. But there are some great takeaways for marketing too. Here are the basic points that are relevant to hotel marketers: 1. Write like a 3rd grader The Boomerang study found that emails written at a 3rd grade reading level were optimal. They provided a whopping 36% lift over emails written at a college reading level and a 17% higher response rate than emails written even at a high school reading level. Get the full story at Revinate