The comments they found are wide ranging – from too many women to not enough women, resident ghosts and a poolside bird convention. Joachim Holte, chief marketing officer at Wego, said “Hotel guests are usually quite candid about what impressed them and what didn’t. Every traveller is different; with unique expectations and views of their experiences, and we can’t help but enjoy some of the more colourful comments which we thought were worth sharing.” Added Benjamin Jost, CEO of TrustYou, “Guest reviews provide insights to fellow travellers as well as hotel management, but more importantly they highlight the individuality and personality of travellers, while also demonstrating that the tiniest details are not overlooked.” Wego listed the top 10 comments as: - No ghost sighting - One ghost touching - Weird, glass enclosed bathroom in room shared by hairy mates - Too much cardio, not enough squats in the gym - No toaster = horrible! - Pool attracted a bird convention - My toilet seat fell off - Too many women in the bar - Not enough women in the bar - Extra charge for children: fabulous! Get the full story at WIT