With business travelers seemingly inseparable from their mobile devices, mobile technology can be a boon for hotels hosting meetings and events. “Eighty-five to 80 percent of business travelers are carrying smartphones, and what we have seen over the last couple of years is that now a lot of these people are rejecting traditional paper programs,” said Patrick Payne, CEO of QuickMobile. “They don’t want to carry them around, and so we’ve seen very rapid adoption of this technology. With two devices, maybe three, they’re expecting to get the information in real time, as well as other things like the ability to network and connect with people through the mobile device.” “From a hotelier’s standpoint, being able to move people logistically is sometimes a huge challenge, so any amount of information you can get to meeting attendees to make a place or space is fantastic help,” said June Priesner, corporate director of sales at Baywood Hotels. Get the full story at Hotel Management