Perhaps the most important way executives uncover new innovative customer models is by learning from other industries. In the hospital and hotel industries, there is a unique crossover and opportunity to learn new ways to advance the customer experience. No surprise that the word ‘hospital’ is at the core of the word "hospitality." On December 6, 2016, Forbes held a roundtable to explore the sister industries. Participating from the hotel industry was Jolyon Bulley, Chief Operating Officer, InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), who said: We realize fundamentally we are in the sleep business. And it comes down to the selection of mattresses, the linen cleanliness, the lighting, noise in the room and outside the room, the ambiance, and getting pillows right so each person has the perfect pillow for them. So we’ve gone through this incredibly forensically over the last couple of years, and launched a multi-brand platform that we call the “IHG Way of Sleep.” Get the full story at Forbes