As you probably know, Google recently announced that paid search results on desktop would no longer appear in the right sidebar, after testing variations of this theme for several years. The result of this is that as many as four paid ads will now appear at the top of the results pages, above the organic listings. It also means that three paid ads will also feature at the bottom and that the total number of paid listings will drop from 11 to a maximum of seven. With fewer results above the fold, these changes will mean an impact on traffic volumes, and ultimately online conversions as competition increases for the top spots. My experience in the integrated world of SEO says that you can counter these changes and drive greater sales by implementing a joined-up search strategy. Taking an integrated approach is imperative now that there are fewer overall results above the fold. I believe that PPC and SEO work can together to allow hotels dominance in search – the proof of this lies in the fact that our hotel clients actually see an increase in ‘assisted bookings’, where the user has interacted with the site through more than one online channel before ultimately, making a booking. Get the full story at The Drum