Preferred Hotel Group’s Ueberroth: “Our travelers are getting approached with offers by dozens of (OTAs), wholesale online agencies and auction or deal websites. Keeping them engaged with the purchasing path that is most direct to the property … is our main objective. “To successfully differentiate the value of booking direct, either with PHG or with one of our hotels, we launched a points-based guest loyalty program in August 2013, which boasts rich, instant benefits such as complimentary Internet and priority check-in/check-out and upgrades, as well as points that can be used as instant cashback through our Reward Certificates structure or towards a free night. … In 2014, we saw the program grow to 1.3 million members and generate more than $30 million in reservations revenue. Our goal for 2015 is to grow traveler enrollments to 2 million.” Fields & Company’s Fields: “The transparency of rates, dynamic pricing and the dominance of OTAs have created an environment of hotel rates which have little meaning to both the customer and hotelier. How does a customer trust a property’s ability to charge fairly when prices fluctuate greatly? This is a challenge for marketers to inspire confidence from customers and to instill a balanced approach to pricing. An important strategy is to understand the impact on all segments when setting prices and, more importantly, to have the confidence to price wisely regardless of the competition.” Get the full story at Hotel News Now