Visitor studies across leading automotive, hospitality, e-commerce, and media and publishing websites reveal diverging trends in the importance of the social channel in directing traffic to corporate e-commerce or media sites. The hospitality industry exhibits a small tendency to follow social media links or links from friends. For example, in the second half of last year, less than 1 percent of visitors reported arriving at hotel or travel booking sites via a social media link or a link shared by a friend. Meanwhile, the fraction of visits prompted by a search engine result or typing the URL ranged between 55 percent and 61 percent. While consumers may awe over friends' holiday photos on Facebook, a targeted SEO strategy should be more successful in landing them on an airplane. Presences on social media channels may be harnessed for fostering loyalty, such as through promotions or contests, as well as for image or brand building. However, on-site booking rates are more likely to be boosted by driving traffic through more aggressive keyword optimization, a simplified booking process, real-time room availability tracking, and prominent on-site promotions. Get the full story at iMedia Connection