Last year was the first time general news about OTA activities was more important than Direct Revenue. This year confirmed it and news about what OTAs are doing to innovate and change got the most views again. I don’t think this is because hotels are ignoring Direct Revenue, but probably most have understood by now that there would be no winner on a war against OTAs. Optimizing one’s distribution mix is probably a lot more productive than fighting OTAs. Google’s increasing presence in the industry is concerning more than just hotel groups now, it’s worrying the OTAs. With Booking even admitting that their Google-dependency is similar to hotel’s OTA-dependency and they’re trying to drive more direct traffic (there’s always a bigger fish). On the advertising front, Amazon’s return to the travel industry has been interesting for many hoteliers, much more so than the last time they made an appearance (according to the headlines). Get the full story at Martin Soler