Mid-sized hospitality businesses often think they won't be able to compete with the industry giants when it comes to digital advertising, but with some smart choices, even conservative budgets can make the most of the summer travel season to drive real ROI. Here are some ways to maximize your campaign reach this summer: Take a creative approach to programmatic Programmatic and creativity are not mutually exclusive. With a focus on dynamic creative optimization (DCO), advertisers can serve up ads that are dynamic and tailored to the modern travel customer. Programmatic media buying allows signals such as audience to be used to produce relevant creative. Use this data to ensure that the message resonates with your users. Doing so can double yield on interaction rates and increase engagement by 50 percent, according to the IAB. Build creative sizes Having multiple ad sizes and placements available will ensure your ad is served to your target at the precise moment the opportunity arises. Whether your target is on mobile or desktop, the right sized creative will be able to be optimally viewed depending on the device. Get the full story at iMedia Connection