Why even try to compete? Instead, shift resources to where you’ll get a bigger bang for your buck: owned and earned media. Paid vs. Owned and Earned Media Whereas paid media is purchased content like cost-per-click and display advertising, owned media is content you own on platforms you control: your website, social profiles and listings on third-party sites like TripAdvisor, Google Places and OTAs. Earned media is user-generated content (UGC), or content your guests and other third parties post about your business. It includes reviews and ratings, blogs, media articles, photos, videos and social endorsements like pluses, shares and likes. Unlike paid and owned media, you can’t control earned media, but it’s more influential because consumers trust the opinions of other consumers more than any other advertising source. (Nielsen’s Global Trust in Advertising survey, 2012). Plus it’s free. Well, almost. To maximize reach and impact you must incorporate earned media into marketing strategy. But first, how to generate earned media? Above all, it’s cultivated on property, in that fertile ground between guest expectations and results. Simply put, pleasant surprises generate positive reviews, social endorsements and visual content sharing. Then it’s a matter of leveraging the power of this content on the social Web. Get the full story at Daniel Edward Craig's Reknown