When it comes to booking a hotel room online, figuring out the total cost of a night's stay can be as annoying as listening to a fellow guest snore through a paper-thin wall.

Responding to pressure from consumers and government regulators, many travel sites now display a taxes-and-fees-included price for airline tickets and car rentals on the first page of search results. But would-be hotel customers often must wade through several screens to see a final tab — or, worse yet, fill out a reservation form, dig out a pencil or calculator, and do the math themselves to discover that their $349-a-night room in Manhattan will be $50 extra with tax.

"When I do my hotel comparisons, it's very frustrating to get the 'out the door' price. ... On some of the hotel chains' websites, it's difficult to get the total until you are almost at the end of the reservation process," complains Robert Cowen, a Detroit-based frequent business traveler who runs the website InternetTravelTips.com.

"There's no uniformity (in hotel rate displays), and for customers, it's a tremendous pain," says Beatrice Tarka of Mobissimo.com, one of several so-called "metasearch" sites that comb multiple travel sites for hotel, airfare and car rental rates.

But after lagging behind their counterparts, the hotel industry is starting to play catch-up.

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