Up to now, this rate parity clause, even if it was circumvented by many hoteliers, constituted a clear and standard contractual framework for consumers and simplified the life of hoteliers. The demise of the rate parity clause is a great opportunity for hoteliers to regain control over their distribution. By practicing the lowest price on their website, hoteliers provide consumers an obvious reason to book directly. However, if the end of rate parity is poorly managed by hoteliers, it could get worse: - OTAs have a lot of information about their customers and are already starting to hire data scientists. - As hoteliers adjust their prices to changes in demand, there’s no reason why OTAs don’t adjust their commission rates to that demand and other parameters. - We already have seen some OTAs showing lower prices for the same hotel on the mobile app or for consumers automatically redirected from a metasearch engine. Get the full story at Tnooz Related Link: PriceMatch