Best Western has responded with three solutions for its members. The first is a phone consultation team to answer any questions. The second is revenue management for hire. The third, Patti Halter, director of revenue management for Best Western Hotels & Resorts, said, is a training team that helps members better understand the revenue-management process and the tools provided therein. Halter said the company has spent the past two years on one of those tools: demand forecasting software that runs 1,200 different equations to both predict demand 120 days and forecast performance based on current pricing and recommended pricing. Wyndham Hotel Group is aggressively rolling out its own automated tool, said Kathy Maher, the company’s senior VP of revenue management. Announced at the group’s annual brand conference in March, the tool was implemented at 22 hotels during an initial trial run. After some tweaks to the coding and other bug fixes, it’s now being rolled out aggressively throughout the entire system, she added. Get the full story at Hotel News Now