Hotel revenue management is an evolving discipline, and as part of that evolution, revenue managers are looking beyond the hotel industry to see how others are doing it and figuring out whether those approaches would work at their hotels. The most obvious comparison is the airline industry, Cassie Bond, regional VP of revenue management at Chesapeake Hospitality said, which has so many similarities to the hotel business. Chesapeake looks at where the airline industry peaks in travel, rises and drops in prices and changes in market demand, she said. The company also looks at how airlines sell tickets, such as through á la carte offerings, packages and upgrades. Online retail and e-commerce has come into play in recent years, said Mary Hilly, regional director of revenue management for HHM Hospitality. The success of e-commerce, particularly Amazon, has shown the hotel industry it needs to do a better job in making the booking experience quicker, more attractive and available on all channels and devices, she said. Get the full story at HNN