“In US dollar terms, Asia Pacific as a region is showing a decline on revPAR rates. However, when looking at it on a constant-currency basis, the region has increased by 0.7%.” she said. “Australia has performed very well in 2014 and will end the year on a positive note, with strong performance in cities such as Melbourne and Sydney reporting year-to-date revPAR growth of 5.8% and 4.6% respectively, when reported in local currency.” Year-to-date, the Asia Pacific region has now experienced a revPAR decline of 2.2% in US dollar terms, to US$79.82, with a 2.5% drop in ADR, to US$116.00, offsetting a 0.5% increase in occupancy, to 68.8%. Ms Winkle revealed the regional trends leading to this result. “In the first 11 months, China was able to increase occupancy by 2% to 66.2%… however, the market is still struggling with rate, resulting in a 1% revPAR decline (when reported in local currency),” she explained. Get the full story at Travel Daily Asia