In a report released this week, HolidayTravelWatch found that nearly one in four (37%) Brits make a complaint while on holiday, and 72% of these are about the state of hotel rooms. HolidayTravelWatch said it had received “an abundance of such complaints”. “During peak holiday season we speak to holidaymakers daily that are affected by all of these complaints,” said Frank Brehany, consumer director of the holiday watchdog. “The biggest complaints so far reveal a growing number of sick holidaymakers across a wide set of destinations. The fault lies in poor quality product, it seems some hotelier’s and companies have taken their eye off the ball on health and safety. In my view, it is no use complaining about the so-called ‘compensation culture’ if you deliver a product that is not fit for purpose. Deliver a clean, safe product and you will see your complaints fall – it’s hardly rocket science!” Get the full story at Travel Daily UK