The Ashley Inn -- which is owned by the Lincoln City Lodging Limited Partnership -- is up in arms about an April 23 review that stated “laundry and housekeeping are either high or drunk” and “breakfast is nasty, the rooms are nasty,” according to the suit. The review also claimed that “the owner smokes weed” and “Jen front desk had phone sex with someone,” the suit states. The critique appears to have been taken down. It was not on as of Wednesday. But, states the suit: “Defendant’s review was accessible to any person who visited TripAdvisor from a computer device in Oregon.” The lawsuit claims that the person who posted the review, under the user name “12Kelly,” misrepresented that he or she lives in Prescott, Arizona, and stayed at the inn in March. The suit states that once the identity of the reviewer is found, his or her name will be listed as the defendant. The hotel has generally garnered good reviews on, with 286 critiques posted and an average rating of four out of five points. Among the comments, “Love the place and love the staff” and “Best treasure in Lincoln City.” Some other reviewers had bad things to say but to a lesser degree than 12Kelly’s review. Their reviews have remained online. Get the full story at