1. A new era of transformative travel Transformative travel, the concept of travelling to find a new perspective or to undergo some self-reflection, is set to take a step further. New ideas are forming on the basis of stories or narratives. Instead of one destination and experience to change perception, a new trend will be about multiple linked chapters taking a traveller through an emotional saga of transformation. The report posits that: “We’ve been living in a great age of ‘authentic’ and ‘experiential’ travel where even the most mainstream hotel brands aim to help travellers eat, live and spa like a local. Travel experts now argue that transformational travel takes it to a deeper emotional level.” By blending storytelling with wellness experiences the emotional power can be much stronger. In this situation the wellness and the art/performance are happening together – like soaking in hot springs while taking in a play or meditating in the galleries of art museums. Get the full story at SiteMinder