Let's start with a little about what Panadvert does and the background of how it got started. John Giannatos: I have been in the business approximately twenty years. I used to work as a freelancer in a lot of countries. In 2010, because I'm Greek, I had to take a decision to stay in Greece, and so I studied which industry I want to focus on, and from the official European statistics organization, Eurostat, I found data that accommodation was the king of ecommerce. The tourism industry in Greece is the biggest part of the economy, with maybe twenty percent of the GDP. I decided to enter the hotel industry and found out that it was a bit behind compared to what I used to do in Europe and the US, and the first thing that I found out was that hoteliers often spend their marketing budget without understanding the ROI. They didn't know the efficiency of the money they spend. The first thing I did was designing a tool to track inbound links: a tool called ROI Manager. From that we could know how many bookings you had from an inbound link and the booking data. Get the full story at SnapShot